Charting the development of work at the intersection of movement and new media practice created by Chirstinn Whyte and Jake Messenger.

Sunday, 25 January 2009


So far, Phase Shift has relied on recycled footage, mainly from the Memory Pool project, with movement material from Breaking The Frame featuring in several different works. This piece takes the whole of Breaking the Frame, using the original edit and sound content, and has added a layer of text, distorted by a displacement map, with the background removed by a luminence key.
As a result, the piece explores the creative base-line common to the processes of movement improvisation, writing and editing.



This piece uses material originally from Kinetic Empathy, with the movement sequences pared down to explore how minimal the motion content can become. Gaussian Noise was added to the footage, simulating a distressed film grain effect, and viewers can shift between a linear viewing loop and a non-linear, randomised version.



The distinctive nature of online viewing has been a particular Shiftwork area of interest, and the website - active since 1999 - has allowed viewing figures for individual pieces to build over time. Traffic is drawn particularly from the U.K., U.S., Canada, Australia, Germany and Norway, with a surprisingly high proportion of viewers spending over thirty minutes to an hour or more on the site. Many returning visitors are fellow screendance and filmmakers, with RSS feeds allowing new work to be viewed soon after posting.

Frequency Response

The piece is a realisation of a Shiftwork idea dating back to 2002, and uses footage originally from Evanescent. Assembled in Flash, short sequences of movement are positioned and scaled randomly on a vertical axis, while the end-user horizontally controls the view-port.


Sunday, 4 January 2009

Vector Paths Screenings

Since completion in July '08, Vector Paths is beginning to be shown, with screenings at Frame in Portugal in November, and at Dance for Camera in Brighton in December. In the new year, the piece is included as part of Crossbreeds in Vienna, Le Festival International de Vidéo Danse du Breuil in Burgundy and Dance and Media Japan's International Videodance Festival, Tokyo.

It's an interesting part of an unfolding process to see work made at the start of the project begin to be shown, as new pieces are completed and sent out, with ideas for future work still in various stages of realisation and development.

Binary Form

The piece uses short sequences of improvised movement, recycled from Breaking the Frame, and translated into binary form, with each frame animated using sequence replicators within the programme Motion.

Currently being sent out to festivals for 2009, the piece is an obvious development on from Text Field, and makes use of the construction of image as an integral element of the work, and contrasts the regimentation of rows of zeros and slashes with the incrementally-revealed fluidity of the movement style.