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Sunday, 25 October 2009

Screenings and spectatorship 3/ New Work

Over the last six months, Binary Form and Vector Paths have been showing in partnership at screendance festivals including Dance:Film09 in Edinburgh; Il Coregrafo Elettronico, Naples and Xontakt in Split. Binary Form has also been shown at non-dance events - Derapage in Montreal, Abandon Normal Devices in Liverpool, Oblo Film Festival in Lausanne and Cream in Yokohama, as well as dance-identified festivals Danca em Foco, Brazil; EDIT in Budapest and FRAME Research in Portugal. The new Phase Shift material has also been seen at DanceDigital’s symposium in Chelmsford in May, and in a research context at the University of Chichester in October.

Text Field, created in 2002, is still going strong on the festival circuit, programmed this summer by Andy Wood for Cinemoves in Wakefield in June, and by Doug Fox for DFA’s Dance and Animation programme in Hong Kong in August, at Shnit Short Film Festival in Berne and Cologne in October, and Video Vortex, as part of Cimatics in Brussels in November.

A new round of submissions for festivals in 2010 are ongoing, with editing on a new piece underway. Footage filmed at Chisenhale in August is being whittled down to a series of short, rhythmic movement sequences, with experimentation on visual manipulation scheduled in as a series of overnight renders, with the image below using the software program Motion in a development of a tracking technique first used in Trace in 2005.


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