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Saturday, 28 February 2009

Screenings and Spectatorship 2

With the project begun in July of 2008, there is a sense of a 'mid-way point' being reached, with a variety of pieces currently in development, while others are completed and are now being shown.

Out in the world, Binary Form had its first public screening at Lateral Movement, an experimental programme shown in February as part of the Adelaide Film Festival, and Vector Paths has another screening within the global circuit of screendance festivals at Sans Souci in Boulder, Colorado, during March. Both Vector Paths and Zoetropic are being shown within a gallery context as part of Screendance at the Park in Falkirk during April and May. Meanwhile, within an online context, Binary Form and Frame Rate are accessible on Vimeo, and Zoetropic is featured on Doug Fox's Kinetic interface blog.


Blogger danimations said...

Thanks for the mention of lateral Movement, Emma Sterling and I were very pleased to share the work as part of our inaugural program. We'll be running the event again mid next year and hope to see more of your work when we make the call for entries :)

23 December 2009 07:44  

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