Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Distance Between Points2

'The individual moment or image is valuable only insofar as its ripples spread out and encompass the richness of many moments.'
Maya Deren

Series of still from The Distance Between Points

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Shooting footnotes:
Footage of hands filmed at Trent Park in March '05, intercut with footage from the Cambridge to Ely train journey from August '06. I had originally intended to use a range of different footage in the piece, but the contrast between the hands and the almost subliminal motion of the train worked particularly well. This piece will begin the whole cycle of work, and the performer is Maddy Tongue.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Day Return

Series of stills filmed from the window of a train travelling from Cambridge to Ely on August bank holiday monday 2006. The footage will be included in The Distance Between Points.

Connective Tissue7: Late August

Stills from footage of the patterns and reflections in the River Cam, filmed from Grantchester Meadows.

Stills from footage of the patterns made by leaf shadow, filmed in Maid's Causeway.

Stills from footage of a variety of trees and puddles, filmed around Petersfield.