Saturday, August 26, 2006

Connective Tissue6: Memory Pool

These stills are from footage filmed in Oxford in August 2006. As is often the case, I had something else in mind entirely which didn't work out, and an alternative approach resulted in images which will be central to the project as a whole.

Had in mind for a long time the idea to film fish, and these stills are from footage taken at the Botanical Gardens in Cambridge in August '06. I like the stills very much, but am not sure whether I will use the footage.

These stills are from footage filmed around Maid's Causeway and the River Cam, for use in The Distance Between Points.


Over the summer and into autumn, the new pieces are being shown in a variety of contexts, incuding screendance festivals, short film showcase and artists moving image events. Expanse has been screened at Max5 as part of Projektor in London; Trace has been shown as part of Fresh: Artists Showcase in Bracknell and at the Gstaadfilm Festival; Surveil is being screened in Houston, Colorado Springs, Seattle and San Francisco as part of Independent Exposure's Fall Edition 2006 and Flicker is being shown at Edit 2006 2nd International Festival of Dance Film in Budapest.

A full list of Memory Pool screenings can be accessed here.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Connective Tissue5: Cloudwatching

Series of stills from Cloudwatching:

Shooting Footnotes:
Filmed from St. Matthew's Gardens in late July '06.