Monday, July 24, 2006


'Creativity consists in a logical, imaginative extension of a known reality. The more limited the information, the more inevitable the necessity of its imaginative extension.'
Maya Deren

Series of stills from Coda:

Shooting Footnotes:
Filmed at Trent Park in June '06, this material forms a coda to Three Orchestral Variations and will be screened by projection when the Memory Pool is shown at Middlesex next year. Performer is Alan Tongue.

Two of space and one of time

'Editing is a construction in three dimensions. two of space and one of time.'
Walter Murch

Series of stills from Two of space and one of time:

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Shooting footnotes:
Filmed at Trent Park in June '06, as part of a series of experiments using two cameras to film the same sequence simultaneously. All of the other experiments developed in different directions, but this particular sequence worked as a two-viewpoint piece. Performer is Dominique Bulgin.

Friday, July 21, 2006


'Close-ups are often dramatic revelations of what is really happening under the surface of appearances.'
Bela Balazs

Series of stills from Inward:

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Shooting Footnotes:

Filmed at Trent Park in June '06, I had a highly complex idea - originally planned for Endnote - which developed into something else entirely. Performed by Maddy Tongue, I particularly liked the delicacy and detail of gesture evident in the long shots, contrasted with the textural richness of the extreme close-ups.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Connective Tissue4:Early June/Early July

'Instead of trying to invent a plot that moves, use the movement of wind, or water, children, people, elevators, balls etc, as a poem might celebrate these.'
Maya Deren

Series of stills: Early June

Shooting footnotes:
Filmed on a very hot Saturday morning at a variety of locations around the Petersfield area of Cambridge

Series of stills: Early July

Shooting Footnotes:
I have wanted to film 'rain in puddles' since last Autumn, but this summer storm was so heavy that the rain had to be filmed through the kitchen window.

A State of Being

'The term 'point of view' may refer not only to a physical location, but a metaphorical one as well. Here, point of view may be a poetic, even abstract representation of place, or a visual reference to a purely emotional state of being.'
Douglas Rosenberg

Series of stills from A State of Being:

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Shooting footnotes:
Filmed at Trent Park in June '06, I'd had the idea in mind for some time, inspired by the constant pulsing of my laptop, visible at night. The performer is Maddy Tongue, and with the piece I set out to capture some of the very particular qualities relating to Maddy's 'state of being' as she dances.


'Body-centred rhythms, in the sense of cyclical energies, can not only be a source of inspiration for dance; they can also at times, and in a quite determined way, exercise a choreographic control over the dance itself.'
Maxine Sheets-Johnstone and David B. Richardson

Series of stills from Spiro:

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Shooting footnotes:
At the third attempt, got the footage that I wanted for this idea, filmed at Trent Park in June '06. The performer is Dominique Bulgin, and I like that, although short, the piece provides a snap-shot of Dominique's movement quality.