Wednesday, February 22, 2006

connective tissue3: moonwatching

'Dance for the camera has liberated dance from the theater and given it a new and different proscenium, that of the film screen or television monitor.' Douglas Rosenberg

Captured some footage of the spectacular full moon on Feb. 14th - the first to make use of a new video camera. This imagery seems particularly appropriate at the moment as I've been watching a great deal of Stan Brakhage's work, including 'Dog Man Star'.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


'Motion-pictures are, or should be, an art which makes its statement in terms of time and movement; the medium is not so much concerned with any single instant as with the change from instant to instant.'

Maya Deren

A selection of stills from Enfold

To view the piece click here.

The piece was filmed at Trent Park in October '05, and the idea took several attempts before I felt I had what I needed. I wanted footage which filled the frame, and which showed the movement of joints, and how this motion affected the fabric of the clothing I was wearing. During a two hour filming session, I generally try out up to half a dozen different framing and movement ideas - generally, some will work, some won't, and some will develop into something else entirely. I tried out the 'folding joint' idea in July. filming floor-based movement from above.

This didn't give me what I'd imagined, so I tried again in early October, with upright movement, which was getting closer to my idea, but still not exactly right.

The third and final attempt is much more concerned with the movement of fabric than I thought it would be intially.

Monday, February 13, 2006

screenings 3

'Previewing a film - with all these different people looking at it - helps to reveal the film as a dimensional thing, which in turn kicks off different ideas. It's a psychic component that you pick up from people sitting there taking it in for the first time.' Walter Murch

I took the opportunity to show three of the new pieces (Partial Visibility, Flicker and Knotwork) at a Video Open event at the Cat Hill campus in November, which is reviewed here. There always seems to be a time-lag for me between creating screenbased work, and having it seen, but Knotwork is making its international debut as one of the winning entries in the Next Generation strand of the Dance for the Camera Festival at the University of Utah on Feb. 23rd.