Saturday, November 06, 2004

Scatter (self-portrait)

'In rendering physical existence, film tends to reveal configurations of semi-abstract phenomena.'
Siegfried Kracauer

Series of stills from Scatter


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Making use of footage filmed at Dance Base, Edinburgh in July '03, the piece was created during a workshop with Troika Ranch at F.A.C.T. in Liverpool in October '03, using Mark Coniglio's Isadora program (shimmer effect on 8).
Although I am not generally the person pressing the keys on the computer keyboard to implement technical specifications in relation to my work, in this case I was.

Friday, November 05, 2004


'There is no such thing as nonperspectival seeing.'

Gregory Currie


Rehearsal Footnotes:
Currently working with a student group in Cambridge, making a piece to be performed live in January 2005. In parallel to this, in true no-budget guerilla filmmaking style, also creating a screen-specific dance work as I go. Responding to a request for images from rehearsal, filmed briefly on Oct 25th. As this was very early on in the making process, the run-through quickly deteriorated into laughing chaos, but still managed to supply a good crop of images, and the process of identifying and arranging stills is the best way for me of training the eye for larger-scale editing work.