Sunday, July 20, 2008


Over the course of 2008, the Memory Pool pieces continue to be shown extensively, with a selection of work shown on the BBC Big Screen in Liverpool during January and February. Surveil was shown by FInal Cut in Brighton in January, Flicker was included as part of Live Screen at Sadler's Wells in April, and the central section of Three Orchestral Variations is being shown as part of EDIT in Budapest in October. Trace and Splice have both been shown at a variety of festivals this year, including Dance and Media Japan in Yokohama; VideodanzaBA's touring programme in Mexico; Il Coreografo Elettronico in Naples, VDance in Tel Aviv, Xontakt in Split and Lumen Eclipse's I-Minute Film Fest in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Trace has also been shown as part of Independent Exposure's Best of 2007 programme in Houston, Texas, and at ADF's Dancing for the Camera in North Carolina in July, and at ReelDance's Sydney-based festival and touring programme, which is reviewed at RealTime85. Splice was shown as part of the South East Dance-curated Dance for Camera Shorts at British Dance Edition, Liverpool, in January, and subsequent touring programme; Moves in Manchester in April, Final Cut's screenings as part of the Brighton Festival in May, Videoholica, Varna, in August, and is being screened as part of Danca em Foco in Brazil during September and at Instants Video, Montreal and Oslo Screen Festival in October. In March, I travelled to Switzerland where the piece was awarded second prize at Gstaadfilm, and reviewed at Gstaadonline.

A final end point to the PhD came at Middlesex's Hendon Campus for graduation in July, and the process would not be complete without thanks to Professors Alexandra Carter, Christopher Bannerman and Susan Melrose, who guided through three and a half years of very intensive work.

A last entry for the Memory Trace blog, but new work and new projects can be accessed at

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Friday, December 14, 2007

Dissemination2 - autumn/winter screenings

During the final months of the year, Trace has been shown at Screendance Basel and Festival Temps D'Images in Lisbon. Both Trace and Splice have been screened as part of Frame 2007 in Portugal; Festival Internacional de Videodanza de Buenos Aires and EDIT 07 in Budapest. Splice was also shown at Dance for Camera in Brighton

In addditon, Trace has been selected as part of Independent Exposure's Best of 2007 programme, screened in San Francisco in November, which provides a good point to bring to a close three years of blog entries, following the development of work from initial ideas to screenings, and which has charted the progress of PhD research from preparatory reading to viva.

2008 will see new a new Shiftwork project in development, with a new blog to record its progress.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Dissemination1 - Summer Screenings

Knotwork, Partial Visibility and Splice were shown as part of papers given at the Moves Screen Choreography Conference in Manchester and the Society for Dance Research New Scholars Conference in London in June.

Splice was also shown at Cinedans in Amsterdam and ADF Dancing for the Camera, North Carolina during July. Splice and the central section of Three Orchestral Variations were shown as part of From Actuality to Illusion at Chisenhale Dance Space, London, and Flicker is being shown as part of Danca em Foco in Brazil.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Memory Pool screening

Series of photos recording the showing of the whole cycle as a computer-based installation at Trent Park, representing the culmination of three years of making work.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Screenings7 - Memory Pool

During 2007, various of the pieces have been shown at festivals and events. Expanse was shown as part of the Fresh: Overground Screenings in Bracknell; Splice as part of 700is in Iceland; Trace and Flicker are screening as part of Videodance07 in Athens, and Trace is also screening as part of Independent Exposure 2007 in Houston, Seattle and San Francisco. Flicker is included in the compilation DVD Final Cut - Take Three, and Trace and Surveil are being shown as part of the Final Cut screenings at the Brighton Festival.

The entire cycle of work is being screened at Trent Park on May 3rd as a computer-based installation.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Connective Tissue 9 : Early February

The final series of images from footage filmed in and around Petersfield and Mill Road Cemetary for use as interval films.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Duet For Two Hands

'Something in the work process comes through, that I am not capable of thinking along the lines of thought.'
Stan Brakhage

Series of stills from footage fimed at Trent Park in June '05

Series of stills from footage filmed at Trent Park in October '05

To view the piece click here.

Shooting Footnotes:
As this idea has been in my mind for some time, and I like the series of stills generated by two filmed improvisations, I decided to use them to construct a 'final, final' piece for the cycle. Also seems appropriate to end where I started - identifying stills and lots of hands...