'The technologization of dance...has clearly opened up new creative possibilities for choreographic practices.'
Sherril Dodds



shown at:
Fresh:Artist's Showcase, Bracknell, June 2006

Gstaadfilm Festival August 2006

One Minute Wanders Programme, Dance on Screen, The Place, London, November 2006

Independent Exposure April 2007, Houston, Seattle, San Francisco, Anchorage

Videodance, Athens and Thessaloniki, May 2007

Final Cut Screenings as part of the Brighton Festival, May 2007

EDIT2007, Budapest

Screendance Basel, Switzerland, October 2007

Dance:Film 07, Edinburgh, November 2007

Festival Temps D'Images, Lisbon, November 2007

Frame Festival Internacional de Video-Dança, Portugal, November 2007

Festival Internacional de Videodanza de Buenos Aires, November 2007

Independent Exposure Best of 2007, San Francisco, November 07

Dance and Media Japan International Dance Film Festival 2008, Yokohama

BBC Big Screen, Liverpool, January 2008

VideoDanzaBA, Mexico, February/March 2008

ReelDance International Dance on Screen Festival, Sydney and touring programme, May-Oct 2008

Il Coreografo Elettronico, Naples, June 2008

VDance, Tel Aviv, June 2008

ADF Dancing for the Camera, July 2008

XONTAKT, Split, September 2008

1-Minute Film Fest, Lumen Eclipse, Cambridge, Mass, September 2008

Public Art Screens, Stavanger, June 2012

chirstinn whyte

trent park, march 2005