Founded in Cambridge in 1999 by dancer and choreographer Chirstinn Whyte and photographer and digital artist Jake Messenger, Shiftwork operated as an artist-led research partnership developing boundary-crossing work incorporating elements of visual arts practice, digital technology and dance.

Work has been created operating independently of traditional production, distribution and funding contexts.

Ten years of Shiftwork: 1999-2009

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phaseshift L.E.D. vectorpaths phrase-making binary form frequency response zoetropic


Dance Theatre Journal

Vol 24 no. 1 2011

Playlist, Trace and other Shiftwork pieces are featured in coverage of the What If...? Festival, held at the Siobhan Davies Studios in April 2010 and covered in a specially-produced edition of Dance Theatre Journal.





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twitter video project

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memory pool - 2004-2007

memory trace - 2004-2008

text field - 2002

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Screendance Writing:

M.A. Dissertation, PhD Thesis, and collected writing on screendance/moving image including articles for RealTime, Dance Theatre Journal, Film International and Filmwaves.